folder names, file names in external SD card in MTP mode

I use my fuze in MTP mode and I have an 8GB external microSD card.  I wanted to create a “Podcasts” directory in the root of my external card, but whenever I disconnect the fuze and reconnect it, I find that the folder gets renamed to “New Folder”.  The same thing occurs when I create playlists on the external card.  I’ll create a playlist, e.g. “tunes.pla” and when I disconnect and reconnect the fuze, the playlist is now named “New Playlist.pla”.

Also, some folders that I copy into the external card, after disconnecting the fuze and reconnecting, get a bunch of number and letters prepended to the original folder name.  For example, “The_Black_Keys-Attack_And_Release” becomes “0FB60000_The_Black_Keys-Attack_And_Re”.

I realize that I could just use MSC mode, but I like the benefits of using MTP.  These are pretty minor annoyances, but it does seem like there are some differences in storing music on the external card than on the internal memory.

Also, after I installed Sansa Media Converted, I found that the file format protection was removed-- before I installed the software, I wasn’t able to upload some file types to the fuze (e.g. files that ended in .m3u).  After I installed SMC, I no longer get any such errors (which I actually liked before, since it made sure only media files made it onto my fuze).

Sorry, no solution here, just here to say I have the same problem with playlist being renamed (and emptied) to New Playlist on the microsd.  Also a bunch of .sid files added.  Have no idea what those are.

This is the first playlist I’ve created on the sd and it looks like you have to stay in auto (mtp) usb mode to do it.  With msc I couldnt create playlists and the album on the fuze was missing songs.

Frustrating.  Hope someone comes up with a solution on this one.  I’m guessing that the next playlist I create will  be a New Playlist (2).

If Sandisk people are reading I hope they come up with a solution to the problem:

“No way to identify groups of songs on the sd card” - I don’t care what it shows up as - album, anything, just so long as I can tell what I’m opening on the fuze.

Well, after 8 months I doubt that the OP is still waiting for a solution. He probably did the wise thing and ‘searched’ the forum here until he found his answer. There are many, many threads on the subject of playlists. There’s even a FAQ on the subject.

I would encourage you to do the same. :wink: