Please, someone confirm that it is just me....

Hi folks,

I hate to keep bringing this up but it is quite confusing why this is happening and nobody can verify that it happens to them or not.

When tweaking the albums (I use WMP and ONLY add complete albums which works fine for me and my Fuze) moving them around between external cards, if I have removed it from a card and then readded it later. WMP can see it on the card (if I resync it says already on device) and the folders/files show up when I use the Windows Explore function to view the contents of the card. But these will not show up in the Fuze’s indexes, not under artist, album, song any of them.

I have removed the mtable.sys file, I have reformated the particular external card and readded the files but is there something else I must do? I was hoping not to have to reformat the internal memory too! In the past I had reformat both the internal memory and the card and readded all my files…a real pain.

Nobody is having this trouble but me?

I geuss I might just have to get me a 16G card and that should prevent me needing to swamp things as the collection grows…

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You can try reorganzing your library in MSC mode instead of MTP.  What I found is sometimes MTP has problem updating file renaming as well.  To switch to MSC mode, go to Systems Settings, then select USB Mode. 

Thanks for replying sansawat. I’ve tried that. What I want to know from the community is if this has happened to others.