Fuse+ constantly loading

My fuse+ was working fine until I was getting low on memory. I added a 1GB micro card and then synced with my PC. Sill had enough space to the micro card was not used, but now I cannot start the Fuse+. I get a loading message withthe white petals circling, then it seems to restart automatically and go through loading again. I removed all the files, when connected via USB, but still cannot get the loading message to stop. Attempted to reset by holding the top button down for over 30 seconds, but that didn’t help either. Any ideas?

Manually re-install the firmware:


You might have some filesystem corruption. Connect the device in MSC mode (you can do this by holding the Volume Down button while you plug your USB cable in). You should notice two new drive letters in My Computer., one for the players internal storage, and one for the memory card. Run a check disk on both of them. Make sure you safely remove the device whenever you unplug it.