I used the MP3Tag to add cover art to a certain album. Now there are duplicate folders and some songs are in each album. For example, I added cover art to album the eminem show which has 17 songs. Now on the fuze when  I scorll under artists there are two Eminems and under each there are the emiem shows. One contains 14 songs other 3. How can I go about putting them all back into one folder. I tried deleting and putting back but no luck. Thanks.

Edit the album tags. Make sure that the album tag for every song in the album is exactly the same. You can use mp3Tag to set the album tag the same for all the songs in the album  in just one step. The slightest variation in the album tag will cause the songs to sort separately.

Sounds like the problem is the Artist tag if you see two Eminems.  Same solution: Use mp3tag, highlight all the files, type Eminem into the Artist box on the left, Save. 

this happens a lot if you pull the info from the web for rap music. very often some of the songs will have the artist as “Eminem” and some will have the artist field as “Eminem feat. 50 Cent” or something similar. just edit the artist tag to make sure they are all exactly the same. 

Ok fellows what I did was go into my music folder and than into the eminem folder and deleted the Eminem Show folder. I than unhooked the fuze. I than opened the Eminem Show folder on my desktop with mp3tag. I high lighted all of the songs and to the right under album artist I typed in Eminem and saved it. I reconnected the fuze, went into my media folder and than into my music folder, and than into the Eminem folder and draged and dropped the Eminem Show into the folder.

Disconnected and it still did not work. Did I miss something. BTW, I also deleted the part like Eminen featuring…, I deleted the featuring part and just kept the eminem for all the songs. Thanks guys. 

do the same thing to all the fields (except the track name and track number fields) just make sure all common fields are exactly the same.  

The Fuze reads the Artist field, not the Album Artist field, to list as Artist. So that’s the one you have to fix.

Album Artist is there to get rid of this problem (e.g., the Album Artist is Eminem but the Artist on the particular track is Eminem feat. Dr. Dre). But, perhaps because some albums aren’t tagged with Album Artist from databases online, the Fuze goes to Artist instead.

I got it fixed. What I did was highlighted all the songs and made all the name fields blank, and than saved it. Than went back and highlighed everything again and put the name in the field and saved it again. This time it worked. Thanks fellows.