Frozen Screen

I opened my clip yesterday for Christmas, umm I put some music on it and listened for a while. I put it on the charger and this morning I woke up and tried turn it on and it was frozen. The Screen turned on and that was it. What do I need to do to access my music and everything on the player?


Ok…here is what some of the posts suggest.

1.  Do hard rest (slide the power button up and hold then until the device shut off for about 10 seconds)
2. Plug the device back in your MAC and do a DOS format using the disk utility

On the frozen Clip, move (to lock) the left slider to the Hold position.
Press the center circle and hold it while you plug the USB cord into the laptop and into the Clip.
This should get your MacBook to now recognize the device.
Go into your Disk Utility function (HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility) and click on the Sandisk icon.
Click on the Erase tab…this is going to erase/reformat everything!
Pick the MS-DOS File System (FAT 16) as the format.
Pick Erase again if necessary.
After its reformatted (takes a second), eject it properly and try to power the clip back up. You should be able to get past the frozen Sandisk logo.
Plug it back into the MacBook and it should start to charge again and you should be fine now and copy files again, etc.

Hope this helps