Frozen on logo AND no usb!

Recently I tried turning on my clip and it just hangs at the Sansa logo.The only way out of this screen is to hold the power button up for a few seconds at which point the unit will power down.Repeating this process allows only a power down to change anything.I figured worst case scenario I could just load new firmware or reformat.Putting the sansa on/off switch into the lock position,I held the center button while plugging the unit into the USB port on my P.C…However there is no USB recognition!Figuring the USB on my P.C. might have issues,I plugged in a generic USB thumb drive.It was immediately recognized.HELP…I’m really stuck!

I was finally able to get the player recognised as a generic USB drive after many attempts.Sansa updater still does not detect it though.I tried to open it in windows exoplorer to see whats on the player.All I get is a message saying that it is not formatted.When I try to format in Windows,I get a message that it cannot be completed.A right click-properties shows only a raw drive of 4.03Gigs.Anyone?

Did you try formatting from the Clip itself, under Settings?

Thanks for your response Miikerman:smiley: When I power up my clip,I NEVER get past the Sansa logo.Its just stuck there so I can’t do anything related to the units menus.What makes this worse is the fact that it no longer is recognized by my computer as a USB drive.No matter how many times I set the on/off switch to the locked position,press the center button,and plug it into my USB port the computer just won’t recognize it anymore.There is nothing wrong with my USB ports as I’ve checked them otherwise.As I said also,the one odd time it did seem to see it windows explorer told me it cannot format my clip either.My clip worked fine for a few days.Now it’s totally paralyzed.

All I am able to do is turn the clip on and get it to the sansa logo.There it freezes solid.Only pushing up the on/off switch for 15 seconds can put the clip into any other state…and that state is “Off”.So I’m really stuck as you can see.It would seem to me that there has to be some really low level way of releasing a clip from such a locked up position.In its current state its just a piece of plastic…and an expensive one at that!

Sorry to cop out, but it sounds like you’re having issues both directions.  I’d call SanDisk for help (and a warranty replacement, if that’s possible).   ;(

No need to refer to your self as a “cop out”,Miikerman:smiley: You don’t even owe me a response but you are  nice enough to try to help me.I managed to find my receipt and all the packing so I returned the unit for a refund.It was a black 4 gig Clip I had bought at Best Buy for $59.99.Then I went by my local Walmart and got a black 8 gig model for $10.00 less!So far so good.I just hope it holds out for me.

Good for you and you made my day!  Sorry for the hassles you had, but it mysteriously was worthwhile, with your getting twice the memory and saving money on the deal to boot–good for you, and enjoy!   :slight_smile: