Front of E260 damaged

My English Isn’t very good, but I will try to explain my problem.

In the front of my Sansa E260 is a little scratch, in the screen.

I am trying to find a new front for my sansa, but I coudn’t find it.

Does anybody know wher I can find a new front for my sansa?

They are Very Expensive.

It is better to get a used Sansa (from ebay or wherever,) and use the front.

Or if the scratch really is that little, maybe just buff it out with a scratch remover compound.

Try plain white (not gel) toothpaste and a soft cotton cloth (like a baby’s diaper). If the scratch is deeper than this will fix, then go to a more abrasive (rougher) polishing paste. There are several discussions here on the forum on this subject, and several good products recommended. Use the Search function and keywords like ‘scratched screen’ or ‘scratches’; things like that.

Once the scratch has been buffed out, install a screen protector to keep your screen looking clear.  If the scratch is very light at this point, the adhesive layer of the protector will fill in fine scratches as well.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: