Repairing e200 outer shell?

So last year I had my e260 in my car when it got stolen. The police recovered the car and the sansa was still in it’s little compartment. However, it suffered from major scratches on it’s skin and the screws were all messed up when i found it. Anyone knows where i can hunt down some spare parts for my e260?

Also the wheel is also a little bit funky, it doens’t seem to spin as smoothly as before. Anyone have any idas to fix this? I was thinking it might be years of dust caught in it.

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

EBay is probably your best choice to find a DOA player to salvage parts from. The wheel might indeed be gunked up; there are guides online that describe (and show in photos) how to clean it. Here’s one, you can Google for others.