Found New Hardware....that's all it keeps doing...UUUHHHHHHH

I am so fed up with this bull. I can’t get any driver to install. I have f/m 1.01.05P. and Vista
I’ve reinstalled, uninstalled, change USBs, formatted muiltiple times
Tried lock/rewind…nothing
No USB option in settings.
No player listed in Windows Media Player 11
Its listed under “device manager” though
NO auto-detect.
Where is the mass storage option??

I emailed Sandisk…no reply.

I plug it in and the bubble pops up:

How does the player show up in Device Manager?  Does it have a question mark or exclamation mark on the icon?

If you right click on the device and select Properties what does it say in the Device Status box?

Try this:
Turn on the hold switch
Hold the Rewind button
Plug the player in to the computer

That should force it in to MSC mode.

It says no driver installed in the box

It won’t work when I try that.
Turn on, into lock, then hold rewind, and plug it in just brings up that “found new hardware” bubble

The driver that the device uses is included with Windows Media Player so you should definitely have it.  If you haven’t already pull up Device Manager and Uninstall the player, then reconnect it.  If it is detected in the same way then check out the Microsoft help article linked below.  You may be experiencing the issue described there.

i had to go to then go to my account and redownload rhapsody program again.

then it was fixed