Format won't stick, Sandisk Ultra 64GB Class 10 Micro SD

i bought a Sandisk Ultra 64GB Class 10 Micro SD Card back in June for my Samsung Tablet…
but for the past few months i’ve been experiencing a problem that when i delete something from the card and then place something else there through the PC, then after a few min after i unplug the tablet the card reverts to the previous state, recovering the old files and deleting the new ones…

it is so bad that i can delete everything from the card manually through the tablet and then when i ask the tablet to format the card it actually recovers the data…

any suggestions as to how i can get the card so i can delete stuff from it again and place new files on it??

or do i simply need to send it back to Scandisk and get a new one??

Hi, Have you got your problem sovled? I’ve got exactly same problem. Don’t know what to do… …

I have tried to call Sandisk and talk to them. But it wasn’t their opening hours yet. Will try again. Did you get advice or help from Sandisk?

Hi There, Starting about two weeks ago, my Sandisk Ultra 64GB Class 10 Micro SD Card  i use in my note 2 will not format in the phone or via PC. I can delete all the files on the phone, but once I plug the card into my usb card reader all the files have returned. I even downloaded a formating program, but it states that the card is write protected. There is no switch on the micro sd card.  What’s up with that?

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I assume, that you’ve tried the UFD, in other PCs.
If you have “Write protected” , is that he died, ist kaputt…

Do not grieve more, friend, the solution is very simple: return it, and ready.

See link:

If you are interested in the topic, look at the following article:…



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Hi Cacho,

I have the exact same problem. My MicroSDXC Ultra 64GB is dead.

Now my question is: I purchased the card on Amazon US and now I’m in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I was asked to send my defective card to the Czech Republic…

I’m a Latin American customer, do I really need to send the card overseas and pay for it myself?

Thanks in advance,

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Please friend, they have the last word, see everything in the link:


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