Sandisk Ultra 64Gb failure

I am having failure problems on new Ultra 64 gb. Won’t let me format it on computer or cell phone. please help.

Same problem.  Would rather not format the disk.  Can’t find a reader to verify videos and pictures are still on it. 

I have been having an issue using the Ultra 64gb micro sd card on my pc with windows xp, I have updated xp and can’t format more than 32 gb. I also have a macbook pro and can format the card and view files but frustrated as I can’t use it on my pc and don’t know where to go from here.

Still can’t get can’t the get chip to work. Won’t be buying any of the SanDisk chips from them again!!!

Barbara Jones

Have you tried the SD Association’s Formatter?

I tried SDFormatter but it only says it to insert into Removable Disk. Tried on my phone and on my computer nothing works! It will show on my computer as a removable disk but won’t let me format it or do anything else.

Barbara Jones

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I would then return it to where you bought it if possible, as defective. If you’re outside your dealer’s return window, then contact SanDisk directly 1-866-SANDISK (726-3475) about a possilbe warranty replacement.

Is this sd card the one with the failures…need to know before I buy?

64 gb micro sd

Same issue - TWICE.  DO NOT BUY SANDISK!!!

Bought two 64GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC UHS 1,

Seller Swears by his mother it’s genuine and now in process of claiming warranty.

Unable to READ / WRITE / FORMAT with these devices:

USB3.0 MobileLite Reader (Windows 7),

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ,

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 2014 ed,  

Nikon DSLR D5300 (with Adaptor).

Really disappointed in SanDisk.:womansad:

Now have to see how fast and smoothly is warranty settled… otherwise change brand.

i have a sandisk 64gb ultra that sunddenly stopped working. I have tried everything either on windows and, mac but nothing works. Please help!!! i can’t open it nor fotmat it.