Folrders on microSD are not correct


i have a big problem and hope that anybody can help me. 

I put an folder like:


on the microSD all was correct. I put of the USB Cabel and now i see a folder like this:


Thats a big problem for me, what can i do that it is right?

I have a lot of radio sets form this show, but if i see only the foldername that i have after i put of the usb cabel, than i dont know witch radio show and 

from witch date it is.

please help me thx. microsd is a 8gb from sandisk.

What is your Clip+'s USB mode (under the Clip+'s settings) set to?  If I recall correctly, USB MTP mode can cause this situation.  If your USB mode is not set to MSC mode, try setting it to MSC mode and see if things work correctly for you from then forward.  Note:  MSC mode will not work for DRM-protected files and related music services.

I’d also shorten the file names and remove the underscores ( _ ). They’re not necessary and could be causing some reading issues.

Just for the record, at least on all of my Sansas, underscores do not cause issues.  Every file (and most folders) I own contains underscores and have played just fine on all of my portables.  I’m an old DOS guy and even though they aren’t needed in modern day operating systems, I use them more as habit than anything else.

EDIT:  More on point; my underscored files and folders are not renamed in the transfer process.

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