Why do the Sanza Fuze change my folder names?

After adding 5-6 audiobooks to the audiobooks folder on the microSD card, the next time i connect the folders for each book are renamed New Folder, New Folder 2, New Folder 2, etc.
I find this very annoying, especially since the files are named 01-01, 01-02, etc, which makes it hard to find out which book is which.

The folder names contains no special characters and are of 5-15 letters in length.

The problem is present in both 01.02.26 and 01.02.28 firmwares.

This happens with both flac and mp3 files.

I’m using Vista 64 (do not think this has anything to do with the problem)

Is there any plans of fixing this?

Message Edited by ULoland on 10-21-2009 01:15 PM

ULoland, do I understand it correctly that you are trying to use the folder browsing under MTP? I’m using folder browsing under MSC option and it never happens.

If you are trying to use Fuzes “audiobooks” line then you’d better not. Whoever wrote this masterpiece he/she had not a shred of idea of what audiobooks look like and what they’re all about. 

Go in MSC mode in the “folders” line and browse from there. However the MSC mode would show no folders uploaded in MTP mode, so you have to delete the updoaded audiobooks and, after switching to MSC mode, reupload them again.

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