Followed previously posted advice for Clip, but player will not play... ready to take back

I purchased the player yday and my Mac recognized it initially, however, once I detached the player from the Mac or even disconnect the USB cable, the player will cease. I’ve tried to download the firmware from San Disk, but quicktime will not recognize it either. Also, I was able to put one song on the player, but I can’t get to the main menu on the player. What’s the problem?

Can someone walk me through the process?


Did you leave the clip connected for a while for the battery to charge?  Connect it to the USB cable and let it charge for up to 3 hours.

To get to the main menu,  please turn on the device and press the home key, and then press the center button to select “Music”.  From there you can browse by artist, album,  etc.

Thanks for replying. I did not try to charge my player for more than a few minutes at a time. However, my Mac will not recognize the player. I plugged in the USB cable and turned on the Clip. Pressed the home key…nothing happens. The Clip screen stays at company moniker.

The clip will not respond to ANY user button commands while connected to USB.  Please charge the the device first,  then unplug from the MAC.  You will be able to navigate the clip in stand alone mode.

Spoke with tech support and was told that the Clip, along with their newer players are not designed to work with Mac, therefore they would not be able to help me, nor do they have any firmware to send me.

Once the device is charged,  I recommend to reformat the player. You can try the recovery mode if you cant connect,  try to set the hold switch to locked,  press and hold the center button and then connect to USB.  FOrmat the player from the mac.  Always use safe eject with the MAC

  1. Will the player signify when it is charged?
  2. How do you format the player from a Mac?
  3. In your experience, do all UMS-compatible players, non-Ipods all do what my Clip is doing?

The animation will stop on the battery icon when its charged.

It will work with the MAC but its not strictly supported.  It should connect in UMS mode.

Using the MAC,  you would have to select the player and select the format command for the device, not sure how the MAC does a format.

Thanks for your help. I’ll give formatting a try. If it doesn’t work, I’m taking this one back. I hear Ipod calling though, but I’ll just use my Boot-Camp install if need be and avoid the -Pods once again.

Thanks again.

all UMS/MSC players should behave the same, hence the “universal”.  not sure what is wrong with your player, i use mine in UMS mode on linux machines just fine.  it might be trying to do MTP which it did on my old windows machine and wouldnt detect it.  I had to put it in UMS mode manually with the hold and center button.

try searching for mac formating:

perhaps this will help?