Device not recognized on computer


I have a SanDisk Clip 2GB mp3 player. I could not access it through computer, but it charges on USB.

I tried formatting and resetting the settings, still I could not access it on computer.

Even with windows media player 11, or MTS or MSD mode, its not detecting on computer as a USB device. But I was able to play MP3s before I format, the ones that I added when it used to recognize.

And now, I can play FMs only, as its formatted already.

Could you please suggest, what I need to do. Thanks

You may want to try forcing an MSC connection to your computer and see if that works:  Clip off and on hold, push the center button down as you connect the Clip to your computer. 

We have 2 clips in the family, and they are both sensitive to worn USB cables.  Both work fine with the one that came with the player, or other new cables.

Very good point.  Always a good idea to try other USB ports and other USB cables.