FM Tuner only increments odd numbers

My girlfriend got a Sanza Fuze 4Gb recently and was having problems setting the FM tuner at the gym. I took a look and I see that the tuner increments with only odd numbers (87.5, 87.7, 87.9, 88.1, etc.). I had a hard time believing this is normal so I used the Firmware Updater to update to the latest level but that didn’t help. Is this normal or any suggestions? Thanks.

This is normal.  No FM stations transmit on an even number (.2, .4, .6, etc)

Unfortunately the TV’s at the gym all transmit on the even numbers. I wonder why they would not allow the tuner to scroll the full range. It seems to me that would be standard. My MP3 player does it.

In the USA, the FM broadcast frequency allocations are in 200 kHz increments, and they’re the “odd” ones.  This limitation is interesting, in that you have a gym with its signal in the “even” range, if you’re also in the States.

How about a little Sansa magic for you?

Go to Settings > FM Settings > World, and you should get the even increments.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet, that works! Thanks!!!