Dial in the TV frequency ?

I was on Amazon picking up a silicon case and an armband (for only $10) and just wanted to see what they had for the 4gb one.  Well the discription said that you can tune into a tv frequency (such as at a gym) on the FM radio.

Any idea on this?  I did a search on here but nothing came up.

Amazon Fuze - link

My guess is that it’s like drive-in movies - the gym has a setup where the sound to the TV is broadcat on a radio frequency so it’s not bothering the people at the gym. You want to listen to the TV, you tune into the radio “station” for it.

So which station on the FM dial is this?  Or is it just whatever “station” is available? 

 I was going to play around with it last night but didn’t and I don’t know if it would frustrate me too much :wink: so I didn’t really want to.

Just ask the guy at the gym :slight_smile:

The audio portion of TV channel 6 can be picked up on most FM radios, if anything is being broadcast there.  Just scan around the bottom of the FM range and you should pick it up.

Of course, that’ll end next year when all US TV goes digital.  I don’t know what freqs they’ll be using but most of the VHF and UHF band will be allocated for other purposes.