cont fm transmitter

i want to listen to the tv’s at the gym.  they told me to buy a mp3 with a radio on it so it would pick up the signal in the gym of the channel.  I did this and bought sansa 1 gb clip .  Now at the gym when i tune to that station it is just silence it does not pick up the station signal

why is this,   is my clip broke. 

Not sure how a Clip can pick up a TV sound signal.  You may want to consult a manager at the gym to get a clear answer as to what you need.  Avoid the juiced up boys and girls who may be a couple cans short of a six pack.

Most gym’s transmit the TV signal over an FM channel for the customer’s to listen to.  Your clip should be picking it up.  Can you pick up any FM stations?  Remember that the antennae for the radio is the headphone cable… if you are using some super-short cable that might cause a problem (just a theory).