FM radio

I own a brand new Clip+ MP3 player and I’m having trouble keeping any FM station in tune. The station  I’m currently listening to drifts and the sound get scratchy and unlistenable. My temporary fix is to push the previous bar once. This will make the radio frequency go backwards about 2 megahertz… I’ll leave it there for several seconds and the push select button one time to take it back to the station I was trying to listen to. I’ll have to do this several times and in most instances the problem is solved.

I know this is not right but I’m stumped in finding a permanent solution. Any ideas out there???

Return it as defective and get another one. The fault is in the FM tuner chip. There’s nothing you can do to fix it.

Do be sure that your headphone cable is extended, as the cable serves as the antenna–this may help.