FM Radio not working

I recently updated Sansa firmware.

I always have problem with the Sansa Clip FM Radio. Whenever I start and go to Radio, it hear only noice.
I try to reset it by pressing the shut down button for 15 seconds or more. It does not work. I have to keep doing it 10-20 times and after a while it starts working.

I try to reset all and I try all sorts of things. Sometimes I spend 10 to 20 minutes before it starts working.

Can you please let me know what can be done?


If it’s still under warranty, call SanDisk Tech Support. You might get a new one.

press play button ! I did the same mistake,… The play button active and deactive the radio.

@denys wrote:

press play button ! I did the same mistake,… The play button active and deactive the radio.

But if it was on PAUSE, it wouldn’t be making any noise as the OP said it was.

Play button is always pressed…

It keeps happening almost everyday. I have shut it down (hold the power button down) for 15-30 seconds and restart it several times before it starts working…

Did you call Tech support as I suggested a week ago?

I’ve had some inadvertent FM radio playing issues, but it could have been due to user error–I may have paused the FM radio by pressing the play/pause button. One thing you might try is reapplying the latest firmware to your Clip (even if you already have it)–the firmware, like all software, can become corrupted. It’s easy enough to do. See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this forum.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe an audio problem using only the written word. What type of “noise” are you hearing? Can you describe it better? Is it static?

It could be the lack of RF shielding that the Clip+ has vs. the original Clip. This was left out to apparently make room for the external memory card slot in the design, but many people have complained about the FM reception (or more accurately, the lack of it) on the Clip+ in comparison to the previous generation.

Frankly, I had never used the FM feature on my Clip+, but recently did just to see if mine exhibited the same conditions others were complaining about here. Their complaints basically described a lot of static when first turning on the FM radio that goes away when the backlight goes out.

Obviously RF interference caused by the lack of shieding described previously. Could this be what you’re hearing? If it is unfotunately, there’s not a lot (if anything) you can do about it. It’s a flaw (or allowance, depending on your point of view) in the design of the product.

Thanks for all the responses.

I called helpdesk. They asked me to upgrade the software. I updated the SW few days ago. The problem still persists…

Around 50% of the time I hear static, remaining 50% I hear nothing…

But usually after starting and restarting 5-20 times it starts working. There is no specific pattern when it starts working. Few days in the first try it starts working…

Most probably it is a defect item… It would be nice if it had some kind of a defect log…


A good try. If you’re still within the warranty period (1 year U.S., 2 years EU), I would telephone SanDisk for a warranty replacement (or return to your original store, if they still will swap you a new one at this point).