FM radio not working

Pretty much the same problem as everyone else…speaker’s on (green), pause/play button checked - currently on play mode. MP3 works fine - radio - nothing. I’ve checked the presets and re programmed it. I have also tried to reset the unit - nothing has worked.
Lost the receipt - bought at Future Shop, warranty no good. Poorly designed/manufactured merchandise. Will never buy anything from this brand name again.

My radio works about the same as the original clip, some have complained the clip+ is not as good as original clip. If your unit doesn’t work at all and hasn’t worked then you have defective unit. Problem with condemning the whole product line is what do you do if you buy an alternate unit and that has a problem. Not too likely, most of these things do work out of the box, you’re just an unlucky one, but keeping a sales receipt is normally a good idea and holding a grudge isn’t. If many people complain, that’s another matter.

The original clip wasn’t supposed to be sold in certain regions with a working radio. Don’t know what the menu setup looked like on those.