FM radio frequency 88.0

Hi everybody,

My favourite radiostation is located at 88.0 Hz,  but I’m not able to set my sansa clip+ to that exact frequency.   I can set it at 79.9Hz  and at 80.1Hz but not at 88.0Hz.  my sansa clip makes jumps of 0,2Hz every time I press the forward button.

strange, because my previous Sansa clip did not have that problem !

can someone please help me out ?

thx !

Is your FM geographic region on your player set correctly, under the player’s Settings?

aha ! indeed. Problem solved ! thank you very very much !

Great to hear!   :slight_smile:

Great to hear!    :smiley:   

And, enjoy your radio station–frustrating when you can’r access a station or your music!