Fm radio in Sansa clip


I have 4G sansa clip, the little black one. the radio station are skipping by two numbers when i try to go up the stations.

for example if the station is 95.7 fm it can only go up to 95.9 and not 95.8 only odd numbers.

how can i fix it?


I think you’ll find this is, as in so many other situations a case of the US and the rest of the world not getting their act together when it comes to standards. In the US, radio station frequencies are allocated as you observe. If you live in the US you should be ok, if not I suppose changing the region under settings should fix things.

ro, that’s normal functioning and just how it is . . . . I haven’t found it to cause any operational issue.

In the US, radio stations broadcast on odd frequencies. In Europe they broadcast on even frequencies. If you are in Europe, you’ll have to reset your FM settings on the Clip to reflect this so you can tune into your stations.