Fm radio in Sansa clip- Help! i am going crazy!!


I have sansa clip plus 8GB and the fm radio statuons were OK up to the point that i decided to check the setting,and change the Fm settings to USA region and than back to WORLD but it skips by 5: 95.5—96—96.5… if it is changed back to USA(i dont live in the USA) it skips by 2 odd. 97.7—97.9.

How can i chane it to be accurate? i need stations like 88 or 88.2…

I looked in the searching options, tried to change the system setting----reset factory setting----yes—english—rest of the world.

but it dosen’t help.

Do you have any idea what sould i do?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There are separate region settings for the FM Radio. Different geographical areas broadcast on different frequencies. I don’t have my player in front of me at the moment, but check for FM or Radio options or settings in the Settings menu.


That is what i did. in Radio settings and than fm setting-----world. But it goes by 0.5… 98.5—99—99.5…

Not sure on what else that can be done here. By the way, where did you purchased this?