Flash drive problem


I have problems with my flash drive. When I plug it on, it lights constantly but it’s not appearing anywhere. I have searched everywhere. Through disc management, hardware management (list), tried to search for new hardware… First I plug it on, there was bubble with text something like Something is damaged and device will not probably work. Is there any solution to get data back?

thanks, Jan

You might try it in a different computer.

I tried 3 different computers and 2 operating systems - XP professional and 7.

sounds like a bad drive. if you do not ahve a back up of the data you would need to send it to a company that provides data recovery services. http://www.lctech.com/ has been recomened before. 

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I would suggest opening up a support ticket. They might have additional options for you especially if this is brand new.
Try calling them too.            1-866-SANDISK       (726-3475) 

I have the same problem here, and http://www.lctech.com/ won’t work for me :confused:

Help lease !!

Drive is:

sandisk ultrea backup  16GB

Drive comes up as:

CD Drive (J:) U3 System   and shows a full?

Yet on my laptop it also comes up as drive  J: which allows me to access the files. On my PC as CD Drvic=ve I can’t access any files. I tried to Format but that won’t come up on the menu.

How do i get rid of the CD Drive U3?


How do i get rid of the CD Drive U3?”

On the laptop, on the USB CD drive dbl click on the LaunchU3 file.  When the U3 menu opens check Settings for the option to remove the U3 software.  Be sure you have all your personal files on the J: drive backed up before doing the removal because the process does a reformat of the device.

I suspect on the desktop the operating system has already assigned a drive letter to the USB drive’s non-CD drive which is why it doesn’t show up.  Common with Windows systems.  Going into Windows’ Device Manager allows the drive to be manually assigned a different drive letter.  Deleting the U3 CD drive may not change that situation.