Flac playlist

Just cant find the correct and easy  answer to have my flac files to a playlist.

I tried WMP11 and video4fuze to create a plalist for my flacs but without any success.

When im trying to view the files on my fuze, I can only view and play them on the “Recently added” but when i try to play the playlist I created for them, it will only show blank.

any help would really be appreciated…

additionally, whats the big benefit of rockbox for fuze v2 and what theme can you suggest, I only like to have it with a simple yet unique look

not sure if this is what your looking for but if you use a program called “MediaMonkey” that can make playlists with flac files. then you just sync the playlist on your computer to your MP3 player. hope this helps.

Benefits of rockbox:


Although the comparison is to the old Sansa E200 firmware most of the information is similar, although the Fuze does have FLAC playback (obviously) and Replay Gain now, 

Rockbox has gapless playback, plays .aac files from Apple, does other tricks. It will not work with DRM files, so if you have those, think twice.

As for themes, take your pick: