Best software to load music into your sansa fuze?


I’m having problems loading music into my sansa fuze, I’ve been using winamp but not happy with it because it acts weird sometimes.  I do not want synchronization at all, all I want is to create a playlist and load the playlist and then see the playlist in sansa fuze, winamp does this sometimes but sometimes it changes the playlist by not loading all the files which I do not understand and sometimes it doesn’t even load any files.  So I’m just looking for something simple that works where I can create a playlist and then load it into my sansa without any errors, and again I’m not looking into synching my music.  Thank you.

Have you tried this procedure in Winamp? I’ve never had a problem with it.

I’m surprised you aren’t using Rockbox on your Fuze+. Many have complained that navigation on the Fuze+ is  extremely frustrating without Rockbox. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware(operating system) for the player. It provides many features, including making playlists easily on the player. Rockbox should not be put on a player if you ever plan to put protected files on it.