Some questions


I have yet to receive my Sandisk Sansa Fuze because its expected arrival date is this weekend so I’m trying to ask all my ignorant but reasonable questions for someone who has never owned a Sansa Fuze but for the money and reviews I could not resist buying one because my friend has a sansa clip and loves it and my dad has a sansa express mp3 player since he does not listen to a lot of music unlike me which is why I got a Sansa Fuze since I was recommended to buy one of the Sansa mp3 players and well so I settled on a Sansa Fuze and I’m very excited about this weekend in getting one mainly due to the ability to blast out the annoying loudness of people in my campus library while I’m trying to study so I no longer have to here them talk about their life stories at a very unreasonable loud voice. But yah to my points.

Disclaimer: I have never owned a Sansa Fuze or any of the Fuze, view, or clip series so I am unaware on what the menu system and options look like so these are my questions.

Does the Sansa Fuze have an alarm option?

Or if not is there a application that I can install onto my Sansa Fuze that can have a alarm while using one of my playlist which I hope is the case so I can create one.

Third and last one:

I’ve been reading through forum posting about good applications to use in terms of synchronizing playlist, music, video, and photos but there so drastically different.;

 So I could not make up my mind upon investigating the different ones.

I like to use winamp but I heard that the playlist are not compatible or something of that sort which will be a problem especially when I’m listening to music through it while I’m driving.

What I’m looking for are for some options in terms of applications for the syncing of the things mentioned above as a general consensus on which ones the best because there are way to many out there so its hard for me to find the best one. But if I could use winamp I would be more than happy to do so.


The sansa fuze does not have an alarm.

You can download Rockbox for your fuze to get games and other stuff, though.

Rockbox is like a hack for mp3 players

I just use fuze in MSC mode with Windows Explorer.

Sychning can cause problems such as putting your entire music libary onto the fuze and deleting songs.

You can also use WMP, Windows Media Player

Okay thank you.

Does Rockbox have a playlist that can be used as a alarm track list if I hooked it up to my alarm dock through my aux cable?

Is there a good tutorial on how the Rockbox firmware is installed, can songs be synchronized with Rockbox on the Sansa Fuze while using the Rockbox firmware?

Is there a good interface screen shot laylout of the Rockbox on the Sansa fuze so I can see what everything looks like? 

Google Rockbox. They have their own forums with all the stuff you are lookin for.