Flac playing slow w 16 gb sdhc

So I got a 16 gb card for my 8 gb fuse yesterday. its a Sandisk class 2. I put everything from my old 8 gb card on there and added some new songs as well, now most of the flac songs (even ones that were on there before the new card) play very slow and distorted. I used windows media player to sync these files over. While im here, let me also ask what the most approved method of getting files onto the player are. wmp in mtp mode or just dropping them onto the device in msc mode. Abd how does the hierarchy work for album >artist > song? Thanks a bunch!

Interesting, I just moved an flac that was distorted over to the onboard memory and it plays fine.

So is there a limit to microsd card size ?

It sounds like there is something wrong with your card.  You can use H2testw to check your card for defects and bad sectors.  Or it could be that when the songs were placed on the card, the files somehow got corrupted.  You could also try formatting the card and just drag-and-drop a few FLACs onto the card and see if it still plays slow and distorted.

The fuze can handle up to 32gb cards with no problems, which is great for anyone who likes to listen to FLAC.  In this case, the more storage, the better.

FLAC support was not natively included with the Fuze when it came out. It was added in a firmware update. Seems to me I remember there might have been problems when the FLAC support was introduced, but I don’t remember the details.

Does your Fuze have the latest firmware update? If not, it would be worth updating it to see if it corrects the problem you’re having.

Edit: Another thought . . . Some older versions of WMP don’t handle FLAC. Rather than trying to ‘sync’ these files with it, why not just drag & drop them onto the card (and/or player) manually?

That’s right, FLAC support was added later on.  :smiley: 

Before FLAC support was added and became stable, I didn’t know the benefits of that format.

Ya I should have mentioned, latest firm ware and the issue happens regardless of sync with WMP (added codec for flac) or drag and drop…

The flacs play fine on the on board memory and also on my 8 gig PNY card (both are class two)

I also tried reformatting the 16 gig card.

Guess ill try the sector checker.

Also, whe th files are playing slow and distorted, the whole player runs slow, menu transistions are slow and jittery, as is the scrolling “now playing” text at the bottom of the screen.  Like the processor is being bogged down.

Thanks folks, I’ll get back to ya.

I seem to be having the same problem. Sansa fuze 4 gb I downloaded an update for it when I got it a few weeks ago refurbished. 8 gb sandisk micro sd (forgot what class) with two flac albums for testing ran without problems. 32 gb micro sd card class 4 sandisk with my thousands of mp3 and flac and some other file types such as txt and jpg ran slowly when opening music list. Music playback ran slowly and laggy on either file type.

Oh also it works fine on an asus transformer and computer. I assumed it was because the thing doesn’t have a fast enough processor which I’d be fine with but I read that it can handle 32 gb cards fine, but can it handle a full 32 gb micro sd card? The cards are also not old. I’m going to try it with a clip+ and see how it goes after it refreshes.

Update: I reinserted it in the fuze and it works fine now. Strange. Same with clip. I hadn’t used it for a week and I added more music onto it. *Shrugs shoulders*.

Because FLAC is freeware it comes in a lot of different flavors. Some versions might take extra processing power from the Fuze–which, remember, does not have the resources of your laptop.You could try converting it to a newer or older version.

64-bit FLAC  is not supported by SanDIsk. I don’t know if Rockbox has figured out a way to play it.

The other variable might, conceivably, be the class of the card, which governs how fast the processor communicates with the memory.  One poster had a class 2 card, the slowest. My 8GB and 16GB class 2 cards work fine, but I haven’t tried a 32GB.

Using the sector checker, the card turnned out fine.

So could someone please tell me a known-to-work brand and possibly model # for a 16 and/or 32 gb that will play flac’s fine ?


I have both 16 & 32GB SanDisk brand cards and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever playing FLAC files ripped using EAC from CD’s. I’ve also used Winamp in a pinch for the FLAC conversion and no probs with those files either.


Your experience with the 16gb Sandisk card is strange indeed.  All seems to be well until you try to play FLACs on it.  All I can say is to return that card, if you haven’t done so already, and just get another, even if it’s also another Sandisk 16gb card.  Whether it’s a class 2 or a class 4 matters not. 

I’ve used 8gb class 2 and 32gb class 4 Sandisk cards in my fuze to play FLACs ripped from CDs using MediaMonkey and I have never had any trouble whatsoever.  They are properly tagged FLACs without added clutter and with embedded album art.  I just use the drag-and-drop method to get the files onto the fuze in MSC mode.  They’re in folders by artist, then subfolders by album.  With the CDs that have multiple discs, I also use subfolders by title and Disc number inside the album folder.

I have sent back the 16, I suppose I may even go for a 32 this time.  These flac files have not been ripped from cd’s, however the fact that they play fine on the PNY 8 gig and the internal memory tells me that it shouldn’t matter.

Thanks for all the help folks, I’ll update when I get a new card.

This is interesting I  just moved flac that was distorted over to the onboard memory. :slight_smile: