First time MP3 owner. My brand new clip will not turn on!

I just opened my new clip and connected it to the PC. As soon as I connect it, it turns blue and says SanDisk for 2 secs then it says writing for 1 second then it says connected w/ a picture of the MP3 and a computer then it goes back n forth from SanDisk to connected display.   After connecting to the PC a window opens w/ all the options like: “manage media”,“browse files”, “set up sync”, “firmware updates” etc.  I tried to do the firmware updates but it won’t let me for some reason…  After I click on updates a pop up window pops up and I click on run then another 1 pops up I also click run and they all disappear and nothing happens.  So far, this is not the big issue, atleast I don’t think it is…

I unplug the clip from the USB cord and it goes back to a black screen.  I push up on the power button and nothing happens.  I push up on the power button for 20 seconds then try to turn it on, and nothing again.   

Please help me out…

Thank you!

try letting it charge all night.

Hold the power switch up for about a minute.:smiley:

So…  It turns out that the MP3 was not working correctly.   I contacted SanDisk by email and did not get a reply so I tried their “online chat” and was connected w/ a rep within seconds and the rep. was very helpful.  I told him the problem and he put in a claim for me.  His name is Albert Maddela.

Only problem was I did not have the original receipt because I received the clip as a gift, but I told him that it had not damage at all.  After all, I had just opened it two days prior and it had not been used at all…

The rep. connected me to another department and they aproved the transaction within minutes.  The new reps. name was Nick  N.  and he was just as helpful as Albert.

He explained the process clearly and made sure I understood everything before we disconnected the conversation.

I printed a pre-paid label that he sent me thru email and I took the clip to UPS store the same day.

This was on 10/12/2010 about 2pm.  Nick N. told me it would take about 7 to 10 days after they receive the clip for processing and they would send me a brand new device.  It is now 10/15/2010 and earlier today  I actually received my new clip!!!   It is brand new and not refurbished!!!  

I can’t thank Albert, Nick and the whole SanDisk customer service team for the super fast transaction.   I did not expect to get my new clip for about 2 weeks.

This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had…

I would recomend SanDisk products to anyone who likes good customer service…       A++++++

So great to hear!  And thanks for posting the very positive news!