Firmware upgrade says File Open Error

Dear Sandisk

I have recently purchased the the Sports Go play, curently on Version1.01.

I downlaoded the latest firmware (upgrade.hex) from:

I obeyed the instructions and got to the stage where the player, having been disconnected displayed the message on screen,  something like Upgrading please do …

Within seconds this changed to File Open Error, then the screen went to the Settings option.

I checked the firmware version and it was still 1.03.

I have done the above twice now.  I did download the firmware the second time as well.  Battery was fully charged.

Could the file be corrupted or an I jumping too far ahead of the versions and should start with an earlier than 1.43 version.

Thans and wait to hear

The firmware you linked too is for the Sport not the Sport Go. You are lucky they have the safeguards in place to stop the update or you would have likely completely killed your player. This is the latest firmware for the Sport Go

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Thak you

Problem resolved