Clip Sport Go Firmware updates

Recently purchased the SanDisk Clip Sport Go 16GB MP3 Player.  Purchased version firmware had 1.01; successfully updated to 1.04.  Now I’m trying to update to firmware 1.43  but when completed I get “file error”.  It appears that I may I need to go through the whole process of updates.  What version of firmware updates have their been?

Please be careful when you are looking at the various Firmware Updates for the various SanDisk Clip Sport players.

There are at least 3 SanDisk players all named Clip Sport.

   Clip Sport (2014) - latest Firmware is version 1.43

   Clip Sport Plus (2016) - latest Firmware is version 2.18

   Clip Sport Go (2019) - latest Firmware is version 1.04


For your Clip Sport Go, try to re-install Firmware version 1.04 according to these instructions.

Thanks DFELD2005.  It’s a Clip Sport Go that I have and it has the latest firmware that I now have of 1.04.  Yes, you are correct that there are many confusing firmware updates under “Clip Sport” and it was difficult to locate the correct one for the “Go” unit.  Thanks again for your quick reply.

It has now been well over a year since the last firmware update and a new one is badly needed. What is driving me crazy is the fact that the Shuffle feature leaves an awful lot to be desired. I like to have 3 to 5 artists albums on the player (from the days of all killer and no filler) and I like to listen to the Artist on Shuffle when I go for a long run. I find that within the first 30 minutes it can play a specific song 3 times. If the shuffle code is written properly you should not get a repeat until ALL the songs have played. Apple iPods do this properly. I also find that the “random” order seems to be the same order each time. I teach programming and both these problems are pretty simple fixes. My grade 11 students could program a better shuffle feature. I get the feeling though that SanDisk does not throw resources towards firmware improvements unless the upgrades fix problems like crashes, not quality issues.

I have same issue with shuffle. I have 4000+ songs with 4 playlists.
If I shuffle all or any of the playlists(800+ songs in each), It only shuffles
a limited amount of songs. I bought this player because of its capacity(32gb)
and I am very disappointed with this problem.

Thanks ! How can we identify which model we have please ? Mine shows simply Clip Sport MP3 Player on the rear and has 1.09 Version 2013 in the info. Thanks in advance.