Firmware Update Problems

So, updated my firmware, which fixed problems I had originally. But now, on it, unlike when I originally could just shut off the players and the video would save its place and play when I turned it back on, it shows up as a song when I turn it back on. It refuses to allow me to turn it off, and when I click on another movie or file, it will restart itself, going back to main menu. But, if I try to push anything it freezes. Then, I have to let it run it’s battery out to use it again, but same thing as before.

Any ideas on this new development?

Message Edited by Yadam on 08-17-2009 07:20 AM

It’s the sadly well known  video bug.

It’s a known issue and is being worked on for the next firmware release. Until then, just pause the video before shutting down the player. :wink:

Okay, thanks for the notice. I just never had this problem before.