Finally got most of it!-Found Users Guide

Hello all,

I got my Sansa M250 last week. I was like some very frustrated. I was able not able to get the playlists to show up on the unit.
I had tried the instructions on the video from the mini-disc. It didn’t seem to work. The mini-disc was not very helpful. Most of
it was about subscription music services. All I received in the M250 package was a quick-start guide. OK so I was able to drag
and drop music, no problem. However I could not get the playlists to come up on the unit under playlist. I was not able to figure on the playlist creator either? I was able to make a playlist but I could not drag it over in MTP mode. When I did in MSC I was It did not
show up under the playlists. So I then watched another video here about WMP 10 that is posted in this forum. After trying that…
Ta Da! It works! I now see the playlist names on my M250. Thank you. Now I am wondering if it will work good with WMP 11 ?
I have WMP 11 on my laptop.

I did not receive any users guide with my M250. I only received a quick-start guide. I finally figured out the favorites function
by changing to the advanced menu. Now I find the users guide online! Here it is if someone else wants it.

M250 USERS Guide

M200 User Guide is available on the CD it came with, as well as on our website.

How to Videos link HERE, show you almost everything you would want to do with your player

Why couldn’t I find it on the CD? All it does is open in WMP
and play audios and videos? I tried looking at the files but
couldn’t see anything??

Found it on the CD

I just got a M240 and there was no user guide or instructions. I have been able to fumble thru it so far, but I cannot figure out how to move music on my itunes that I purchased to the sansa.  Can anyone help me?

I just received my m240 today from and no disk or manual.  I’m printing from the link above.  Hope it tells me how to turn it off.

Incidentally, it was a refurb and DOA until I tried USB.  I had to bend the positive battery contact.



     I have an issue with my m240 and it doesn’t play any of the music I downloaded. I downloaded a few new songs on it yesterday afternoon and after I unpluged it when it was done it didn’t play any of the music but shows something else.

The screen comes up as the intro when you turn it on but says something sorta new and this is what it says:

First Screen: SanDisk


2nd Screen: Sansa

                 m240 1. 0GB

After that it continueoulsy does that over and over again and I have to either put it on lock to turn it off or take out the battery because if I hold the power button to turn it off it wont go off.

Also when I plug it into the computer all it says on the mp3 player screen is : SanDisk


And it wont show up on the computer and it also doesn’t say anything is pluged in?

Please help me on my m240!!

I’m having the same problem and it says " Not Enough Space for Music DB. Please free 8MB message" I need help and It won’t let me add music or format it…

Sounds like you got one of the messed up ones. Does it say v4.0.44a in the top, right-hand corner of the Sansa screen?