files on a different computer

I got 8gb clip v2. Im not sure if it just my clip or everyone else since I just got this clip today.  Anyways my problem is i got 2 computers at home.  First time, I loaded my music from the computer #1.  Then I hook up to computer #2, it recongized the clip and everything, but when i look into the music folder, it shows empty.  Is it suppose to show empty folder in computer #2?

There are two main USB modes MP3 players use to connect, MTP and MSC. Files transferred in one mode can’t be seen by a PC connecting in the other mode. Your Clip is probably set to “Autodetect”, which tries to connect in MTP mode first, and if that fails it switches to MSC mode. I believe the two PCs connected in different modes.

OO… your probably rite, clip was on auto detect.  it auto detect computer #1.  But on computer #2, i had to manually switch it to MSC mode. that probably why it did that.