files not transferring

I downloaded a podcast, using “my computer” to my clip zip the very first time I used it and it worked fine. After deleting that podcast I tryed downloaded a different one. It does not show up anywhere on the clip zip. If I go back to “my computer” it still shows up under “podcast”. Using Windows 7…any solutions?

I’m sure it’s there, but your Clip Zip will only “see” and display the file if the ID3 tag is of the correct format (ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1), clean (not full of strange or foreign characters) and the Genre field is set to Podcast. Typically, podcasts are not known for their stellar tags; it’s up to the user/downloader to fix them.

MP3Tag is the overwhelmingly recommended free program to easily check and/or edit tags.

Thank you…will download the program and see what happens.