Weird problem with podcast

I have a podcast that I’m subscribed to that I’ve been trying to get to play on my player but am having trouble. I downloaded it to the music folder in my player and the weird thing is when I connect the player to my pc and go into the music folder or open it with windows media player, I can see that the files are there but when I disconnect it and turn on the player, I can’t see any of the files and they aren’t showing up on any of the playlists. Anyone else have this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

The player reads the ID3 tags of the files. Podcasts are notoriously known for having incomplete, incorrectly filled out, or wrong format tags. MP3Tag is a free, easy dedicated tag editor program you can use to edit the tags so they will show up on the player.

You’ll probably also want to place the podcast files in the Podcast folder, rather than the Music folder.

I had a similar problem with an audio book.  I discovered I have accidently dragged a “zipped” file onto the Sandisk zip clip, which didn’t recognize it. 

Yep, that could be a problem too. :wink: