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What are the supported files of the sansa media converter?

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Supported File Types for the Sansa Media Converter are:


.AVI (Microsoft Video 1 Format)
.VOB (Unprotected)
.MOV (Quicktime)
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To follow up on what Baggage has said, DRMed videos purchased online will not convert through Sansa Media Converter. The DRM video cannot maintain their DRMs if converted, so it won’t play back.

I have Quicktime file (.mov) with Qualcomm Pure Voice audio codec.  I want to convert to MP3 to listen on my M240.  Can I do this ?

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it’s great to know what format types are supported but it’d be also nice to know what that actual format needs to be.
For instance, what resolutions will it accept. (I’m using the e250 if that makes a difference). Does it only use 1?
The same question for pictures. I want to be able to just export pictures right from Picasa without using the media converter, but might not be able to there. I should at least be able to do it from Adobe Bridge, but I don’t know the format it needs to be in. I exported some Jpg’s from picasa at 55% quality and 320 px width resolution, but they didn’t work on the player.

Does anyone have specifics they would like to share of what works? I requested the CD from sanDisk (btw it’s dumb you can’t download it) so I can use MediaConverter but that’ll be a while. I’d like to get some pictures on there sooner.

the resolution is 220 x 176 and the file format of pics are .bmp vids are .mov

I am hoping someone can shed some light here…

I just started using the Sansa Media converter and it works great EXCEPT for one MPEG-4 video that it SAYS it has converted but it only gives me audio, no video.  I have tried it twice.  I have looked online for all kinds of info on how to convert it to something else… how to download it maybe in another format… is there something *easy* you can tell me as to why this may be happening?  I converted another MPEG-4 which is FINE.

I have the e280.



its probably the codec on that particular video that the player doesnt like. Wish I knew of a fix, as I have run into similar scenarios.