File Synchonisation - SanDiskSecureAccessV3.01_win vs ENC Data vault

I wanted to have an automatic process which can maintain up to date copies of certain critical files on the Scandisk USB Flashdrive in encrypted format (after I thoughtlessly left an unprotected one in a coffee shop).

I noticed that the Secure Access software that comes with the drive had a synchronisation option if I upgraded, which I did only that then installed the ENC Data Vault which appears to be a completely different application and has no ability to synchronise files, requiring manual copying.

Moreover, I cannot access either of the two encrypted volumes from an external backup programme (I thought it would perhaps create a virtual drive that would be accessible from Windows).

Am I perhaps barking up the wrong tree? Should I be looking for a third party software to encrypt and make the encrypted directory available to those users that have the required permissions?

Apologies if this has been covered before - would appreciate any pointers.

Kind regards