file format not supported!

once apon a time i downloaded hundreds of cds, and thousands of songs to my hard drive via WMP and my new clip sport will only occasionally show album art and won’t let me sync files over 100kbps. one customer service rep told me to sync them at a lower bit rate (i’m sorry but i’m not going through 100’s of cd’s and downloaded mp3’s again) and another rep said that it should handle high bit rate files with no problem. did I buy a poor quality control defective player or are they all terrible?

The default for Windows Media Player is protected WMA. The Clip Sport does not support protected WMA. I suggest you rerip the file using mp3 rather than WMA. Sandisk players also tend to get much longer battery life playing mp3 files rather than WMA ones. 

I suggest using 256 kbps for mp3 files. Some use variable bitrate mp3 averaging around 192kbps.

The clip Sport also has a database limit of around 2000 songs for card memory, and around 2,000 songs for internal memory. These databases are separate.