File format not supported! Help!!!


I’ve just bought a new Sandisk Clip Jam MP3 player.

I connected to my windows 10 PC and move all MP3 files from my Sandisk player Music folder into my PC.

I copied my mp3 and wma files into the Music folder of my Sandisk.

I disconected the play from my PC and turn it on.

I got the message “File format not supported!” message and can’t play any songs. I even copied back the original MP3 files that came with the player and I got the same error message.

Please help!

Thank you!


Maybe you have previously ripped some CDs to wma format using Windows Media Player ?

I have read that WMP has a default setting to automatically set a protection flag in new wma files.

And I have read that SanDisk music players do not acceess wma files that are protected.

Here is a link to a discussion how to remove the protection from your own wma files using the Microsoft Digital Rights Update Tool.