Feature Request: Support for BAND or ALBUM ARTIST tags

Hello I have a Fuze and I would like to see support for BAND and/or ALBUM ARTIST tags like on Zunes and iPods. I occassionally listen to mix albums and it becomes difficult to navigate by artist when each mix album adds 13 or more artists to the list. I would prefer to see all those songs consolidated under the album artist if the correct tags are present. Thanks.   

Hello. I second that.

Or maybe Sansa could have a MUSIC/COMPILATIONS folder that does not sort in Artist? That would be brilliant.

(Parsing Album Artist:

 if( tag(Album Artist) ) artist = tag(Album Artist)

 else artist =tag(Artist)




Here is what I do with Compilatons… I set the Albums for each track, as the name of the Compilation. Then I set the Artist as-ME, Then for track name, I add the artist name. Then what happens is I can play by Album, or Artist and get just what I added from the compilation.