Feature Request: Support for album artist/compilation albums!

I really like my new Sansa Clip, but there is one usability flaw that annoys me very much: I have a lot of compilation albums in my music library with different artist on each track. Now all these artist flood the artist list in my Sansa Clip which becomes useless because I have to scroll forever to find the artist I’m looking for. That could easily be avoided if the Sansa would look up for the album artist tag used by foobar200 and Winamp -> If there is an album artist tag, use it favor of the artist tag. Technically this should be quite trivial to implement…



Yes, please please please add support for “album artist”, as most of the popular software players have done in the meantime.

It would make the clip+ perfect, definitely!

Thanks a lot!

I would like this feature too. When you have compilations, it makes browsing by artist useless!

@goobaby7 wrote:

I would like this feature too. When you have compilations, it makes browsing by artist useless!

Do you have an (original) Clip or a Clip+? The Clip+ has Folder navigation; the original Clip does not. The older version is long since discontinued; there won’t be any further firmwware updates.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have a clip+, the folder navigation is okay but I would love to use my tags when available. All my albums are tagged perfectly but I can’t browse by artist since there are so many compilations :’(

Have you looked into Rockbox?  It’s a third-party software and it allows browsing by album artist.

Rockbox Clip+ Manual

Rockbox Forum

Note that installing it will void Sandisk’s warranty and your player may permanently lose the ability to play protected or subscription content.

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The best solution, since we are navigating by the ID3 tag data, is to edit the tags using a tag editor, then retransfer to the device.

I like using MP3Tag, a free utility.

I have a few jazz albums with a guest soloist on a few tracks; the Sansa lists these tracks separately unless I go to the Album node.  If you select Album, they should all play together.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: