Problem with listing music by Artist on Clip+

I am having a problem with my Clip+ that is rather annoying.

The Clip+ seems to categorize artists by the “contributing artist” field rather than the artist. This is a problem because many tracks have multiple names under “contributing artist” so when I play an album by an artist, any tracks that have a contributing artist aren’t played because the Clip+ doesn’t recognize them as part of the same album.

I have some albums where EVERY track has different contributing artist so it is impossible to play these albums when listing my music by artist. It also causes a TON of clutter in my artist list.

I did not have this problem with the original Clip. Nor do I have this problem with Windows Media Player, iTunes or any other software/hardware MP3 player.

What gives? How do I get the Clip+ to work right? This flaw makes the Clip+ nearly unusable to me. Nobody else is bothered by this issue?

I had one CD that filled in multiple artists when I ripped it, and the clutter in my artist list was annoying.  I trimmed the tags down to one artist with the MP3tag editor, and no more problems.  The editor is a free download for PC.

I have thousands of tracks. This is a solution but this is not a reasonable one for someone that has countless tracks with a “contributing artist” listed.

Why the heck did Sandisk go this route? It’s seriously the only MP3 playing device or software that behaves this way.

Developers were out to lunch on the Clip+ because the player also can’t differentiate between different albums with the same name. If you have multiple albums called “Greatest Hits” and you play your music by album name, then the Clip+ will lump all the tracks together as if they are all one album. It’s ridiculous.