problem viewing artists\bands\albums names

I have been having problems viewing the artists\bands\albums names when I go into Music->Artists or Albums.  All that I see is ‘Play All’ and ‘Unknown’ under both categories of Artists and Albums.  Once I choose the ‘Unknown’ category, it does show the albums songs in order, but that is it.   It used to show the Artists\Bands names under the ‘Artists’ category as well as the Albums names under the ‘Albums’ category.  Anyone else have this problem?  It’s not a big problem, just would be more convenient if it showed everything.  

it happened to me the first time, just after unboxing and charging it. i might have done the track upload the wrong way, don’t ask me how.

anyway,doing an error check in msc mode or reformatting it (under settings) should do.

i did something much more draconian; i put it in msc mode (don’t care about drm protected tracks or microsoftish “”“standards”"", using it as usb standard “thumbdrive” is so much better), reformatted it, connected to the pc, and upgraded the firmware (not using the sansaupdater but copying the firmware file in the root of the clip); then re-uploaded the songs.

it works perfectly now.

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Cool! Thanks! I’ll try this and see how it goes!