Clip only recognizing some songs from albums.

Hi guys,

I did a quick search but didn’t see this issue listed, perhaps I didn’t search correctly.

Anyhow, I bought an 8gb Sansa clip a month or so ago and absolutely love the thing.  But I noticed that with certain albums my clip will recognize and file certain songs from that album, but not recognize the others and just file them into a folder it creates for that artist titled “Unknown”

This is very frustrating because I’m one of those guys who likes to listen to entire albums sometimes. 

I should note that I have not tried using Rhapsody up to this point (is it really worth it to use Rhapsody?), I currently use WMP to load all my music.

I’ve tried to reorder the songs, both loading them directly and through WMP.

Now I’ve got a confession to make.  I got most of my albums through burned CDs and junk.  I haven’t downloaded through itunes or any other online retailer, I suspect that could be part of the problem.

For example, when I try to load Godsmacks self titled debut album, my clip and WMP love to just save each song in an individual folder titled 01, 02, 03, etc.

I’ve sorta gotten around this in the last 20 mins by using WMP to create a playlist which I simply titled “Godsmack”, and it will then make all the songs function and play in the correct order (in theory anyways, that seems to be the case so far).  However, to my dismay when I opened up my music folder in  the Clip it still has all the songs listed in seperate folders as 01, 02, 03 and so on.

So is this some sort of problem with the identification string or something?  Is this something I can fix to have everything neat and clean in my clip or am I kinda stuck just having to make a seperate playlist for all these albums and have it look cluttered in my clip?

Sorry its longwinded and probably not easily understood.

Thanks in advance guys.


The Clip uses ID3 tags,  if a file doesn’t have one they will show up as unknown,  If the track number isn’t filled in they won’t play in order.   

Try editing the ID3 tags with a program like mp3tag   

Fill in the Title of the song, Artist, Album, and track number.     Do it to the music files on your computer.     Then re-transfer them to the CLIP.     You can also look into creating playlists.