Thoughts on Album Order

The Sansa clip obviously uses a format that doesn’t reflect the file structure. On a related note, it has its own way of identifying albums regardless of where they exist in the file tree, whether or not you put them in folders. This isn’t inherent to .mp3 as far as I know. Is Microsoft hiding stuff from me?

This is the confounding issue thats at the heart of my curiosity. How does the clip identify albums? Folders or simple numbering doesn’t seem to do the trick. There are no hidden files, at least not on the cranberries album.

Types of albums found so far-

Division Bell- Has weird codec files, album art displays, plays properly when simply copied. I see promise in this, but needs further study.

Faithful Departed-plays in proper order, no folder, no codecs, plays properly when simply copied.

The Wall- Will not play in proper order, even with numbering. No codecs, no hidden files, sync ineffective. I’ve even tried changing the track order with Windows Media Center, to no avail, but maybe I have to give them all a number…

Codecs might be key, but there’s other forces at work here. Namely: Sync and albums that play in order with no tampering.

Synchronization supposedly creates a play list, but the Clip still plays the Wall out of order even when the play list has the songs in order.

Your clip navigates and gathers its info based on embedded metadata that is part of the track file called an Id3tag. So To put that in terms anybody can get… Your file is 5.6 mb in size, some of that is a text file that tells any computer or player or program the information about the file. This is true of every file. So when you have a song where the ablum is part of the file name, and you open it in Windows media or on your clip, the album info shows as unknown it is because the tag is not setup right.

To solve your probelms download a program called mp3tag. This program allows you to edit and change the tags. If you set the tas up right the clip will play it back right.

Some of the usual tags are: Artist, Album, Title (song title), track (number), Disk (number, if it is a multi-disk album), Genre.

As a prior poster said, these tags are imbedded in the mp3 file.  There are programs that let you edit them, and many programs that convert CD to mp3 can automatically set them, getting the information from internet sites like freedb.

That solved my extremely irritating problem. Thanks!

The solution is in post #2.

Is it actually possible to choose the order the albums display on the clip under one artist? Cos right now they show in alphabetical order rather than order of when the albums were released… I could just stick 1, 2, 3, 4 etc at the start of each album name but that just looks stupid. So is there a way?

No. Its Alphabetical sort.