my kids clip

okay we had to return to factory default today and now when we load the songs onto the clip it wont show the artist name and sometimes only shows track as the song name what do i need to do ?

are the artist unknown on the track

i’m confused do u have more detail

we have the artist name and the album name writen in on the computer we drug the song over and still had the artist name and album name while synchronizing but it doesnt show on the clip so when we go to our menu to chose a artist it says unknown.  and if we go to choose a song it will say track on them but not all of the saongs say track some of them show names but never shows the artist name?  this recently changed when we had to reformat the clip it didnt do that before, it showed all of it?

have you tried syncing the songs with windows media player if so then try going to a track onthe computer right click on it and go to properties the go to summery and then go to advanced it should show like the artist the album name and tack name and if some are unknown then if u click on one then click it again you should be able to change it

I haven’t had this problem before so i’m just telling you ideas that might be the problem

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does the mp3 sort the tacks into folders on the player when you click to go to view files on the computer

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I use windows media player and when i push the button to syncronize, a bar shows up and says configuring and then it starts to synchronize the song onto the clip

what about th other things i said