Playing mp3s by artist,

All my mp3s are tagged with the correct artist, yet my sansa clip doesn’t recognize the artist. It simply recognizes it as unknown. So how do you change the ID3 tag so you can play music from just one artist, album or genre? I’ve installed the hardware update for the sansa clip, mines version 1. I use linux. I’ve been using rhythmbox music player to organize my music by artist. The sansa clip just doesn’t index and categorize the music correctly. Can you even listen to music just by artist on the sansa clip, or do i need ot buy a different mp3 player? Is a really weird problem, some of my music the sansa clip does recognize the artists, but other songs it doesnt? I’m confused.

Message Edited by cartooncharacte on 02-14-2009 06:38 PM

Your tags may have the correct info, but if they aren’t in the right format your player may not read them. Sansas work best with ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1 tags. Make sure your tag editor is set to write that format.