extremely slow transfer of pics from either iPhone or iPad

I have restarted, reinstalled the app and it’s still unbelievably slow. It should not take over an hour for 4 of 10 selected pics to be transferred. Is this normal?? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

do you have icloud photo library turned on? If so the picture has to be downloaded form icloud and then transferred. if you have a slow connection that could be the cause. 

Yes, I figured it out and gave it one more try after turning iCloud. The transfer worked great!


I am having the same problem, and I notice a couple of other forum discussions around similar issues. 

My issue (and question) is that when I try to turn off iCloud photos I  have the options: a) to delete all of my photos from my phone and leave them only on iCloud, or b) to download a copy of all of my iCloud stored photos to my phone.

Neither of these options is suitable; I want to keep some photos on my phone, and don’t have the space to put the whole iCloud collection there.

I have also tried restarting the app, resintalling the app and checking the format is exFAT.

All assistance appreciated!


that is the only option icloud has unfortunately 

photos that are on icloud will show on your phone but only a low resolution thumbnail is actually on the phone. this is what the message is referring to. these thumbnails will either be removed from the phone or you can download the full image when i cloud photo library is turned off. there is no other option.

any photo that is stored locally on the phone only will remain on the phone everything else will remain on icloud.

As far as I know,there is phone to phone data transfer program called Mobikin Transfer for Mobile ,which allows user to transfer pics between different model effectively.With it,you can transfer data like pictures, music, video, contacts, SMS, call logs, etc. between Android and iPhone, iPad or iPod without hassle.

You can use icloud. It will help the process much faster Swords And Souls

You can use transfer tool to help you trasnfer pics from iPhone or iPad to other device.

The operation is easily and the speed is quickly.

You need a tool to transfer selected pictures from iPhone to iPad. As I know, FoneGeek iOS Backup and Restore program is a free tool to selectively transfer photos and other data between 2 iOS devices. 

@yellie wrote:
Yes, I figured it out and gave it one more try after turning iCloud. The transfer worked great!

iCloud is a great tool. But there are still some better ways.

If you use iCloud, just sync iPhone or iPad photos to iCloud, then we can download photos on iCloud to computer.

And you can also backup iPhone or iPad data to iTunes, but can’t only backup photos but all data on iDevice.

In the case that you want one easier and quick way to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to another, turn to Eelphone Mobile Transfer

Details: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android